Reviews and News

We’d like to thank John Sternal of Understanding Marketing, who recently reviewed Visual Marketing. He highlighted some of the tips he enjoyed the most from the book:

#3: Augmenting the reality of mobile advertising: Sharing brand information visually over mobile devices through apps. Simply put, the world is going mobile. All small businesses need to find a way to market their business through a smart phone.

#19: Good service is earned: Making a brand statement and creating viral content through infographics. We are huge believers of infographics on In fact, we have an entire Pinterest page devoted to infographics.

#33: Blogger outreach in the cloud: Using a visually inspired word cloud to start a conversation with a blogger. Blogger outreach is a skill that is acquired through experience, not necessarily through education. But word clouds are highly effective with bloggers and should be used by small businesses in an effort to build relationships online.

Thanks, John, for the glowing review, and we’re glad you liked the book!

Also, we want to mention that author David Langton has an article featured in Boomer Experience Speaks magazine! In it, he discusses “Why Visual Marketing Matters to Boomers.” Check him out page 11!

We’re always grateful for the coverage our book gets, so thank you to all of you bloggers and journalists who have written about it.