Stepping Outside the Lines with Creative Video Marketing

When you run a website, how can you get people to interact with you in person? For, this was a dilemma. The New York City-based food delivery site wanted to get three-dimensional, so to speak. According to VP of Marketing Jonathan Mark, “We wanted to make some noise and connect with our users on a local level. As a website, our users only get to interact with us online; we felt a bigger impact would be made by coming to see them offline, and of course keeping it fun and lighthearted.”

The result, featured in Visual Marketing Book, is Delivery Man Stan: a video of a delivery man attempting to make the world’s largest food delivery. As you can see in the video, he’s ridiculously loaded down with boxes and bags as he traverses New York City.



The stunt naturally got some attention on the street. But the video in general goes a long way to show that this isn’t just another online delivery service. It’s one that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Continuing to Color Outside the Lines

What’s neat about is that the company didn’t stop innovating with this video. It looks to see what successful brands are doing in the online space, and takes a page from the best in the business. Take its social media customer service, for example. Few companies are yet using Twitter and Facebook effectively, but has mastered the art of connecting with customers through these social channels.

“[Social media customer service] was something that our followers demanded and we heard them. Social media is a  communication channel for companies, but it is important for companies to understand that communication goes both ways… We have a great customer service team so expanding those efforts to Twitter and Facebook was a natural for us,” says Mark. has also created its online version of the punchcard you get when you frequent a restaurant or retailer, and users can get $5 off an order for every 10 they place online. Not a bad deal! Here’s hoping expands into our corners of the country.


  1. This is a great example of creative thinking to get the message across. We totally agree that video is vital to any campaign. We do this all the time with our clients