What a Visual Marketing Strategy Looks Like

So really, your visual strategy will tie in with everything else you’re doing to market, including blogging and social media. It’s just ensuring that you’re taking into consideration how to reach those of your followers who respond well to imagery.

Is Visual Marketing Strategy for You?

So all this being said, can every business benefit from a visual component in their marketing plan? Yes, but to different degrees. You’ll benefit the most if you sell products that can be highlighted with photos, and you can take advantage of more tools like Pinterest and Instagram in this case.

But if you have a services business, you may assume you’ve got nothing to share visually. In that case you have to be creative: if you run, say, a marketing firm, you can include photos of your clients’ products or logos, as well as images from conferences you attend, photos of your staff and office, et cetera. The point is to show images that interest others, and draw in new customers that way.

If you run a graphic design firm or architecture firm, use the opportunity to show off images or photos of your work. What better selling tool do you have than what you’ve done for other clients?

If you haven’t considered using visual marketing, I encourage you to find new ways to use images to enhance what you’re already doing. You will likely find an increase in social media followers and traffic to your website as a result.

Photo: darkmatter on Flickr

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