Applying Visual Marketing to Retail

If you own a brick-and-mortar store, there is huge opportunity for you to implement visual marketing in your location. A tastefully designed in-store display can help draw attention to specific products as well as bring in people from the outside. Here are a few tips for leveraging visually appealing design in your store, no matter what you sell.

Draw Attention to Items You Want to Sell

A table tastefully set up with items you want to highlight can help you sell more of them. Bunch items that complement one another, such as a shirt and tie, to encourage multiple-item sales. But don’t just plop the items on the table; arrange them in a way that appeals to the eye and isn’t cluttered.

Develop a Shop Window Strategy

Your storefront window is your ticket to luring in new customers. Make sure it’s eye-catching. To do so, you’ll need to develop a strategy, not just put items in the window. Consider the season or what people buy this time of year. If it’s rainy season, you could hang brightly colored umbrellas in the window above your products. And don’t just use your own products! In the rainy day example, you might not sell umbrellas, but that’s no reason not to use them.

Set Up Multiple Displays

Your window, next to the cash register and on your walls are all great places to set up in-store displays. By having more than one, you can create different themes and use different products at each, or tie them all together to a wider theme (“Spring Cleaning”).

Keep them Dust-Free

You can’t have a great store display and then not dust it! Make sure you check on your displays daily to ensure they haven’t gotten knocked down or dirty. Make it part of your morning and evening process to straighten up your displays.

Your Visual Marketing Checklist

Once you’ve started creating aesthetically pleasing displays, use this checklist to ensure you’re maximizing your appeal to customers. It’s important to observe how well (or not) your display strategy is working and tweak it when necessary. If it’s not drawing in customers, try something else instead.

Photo Credit: wallyg via Compfight cc