We’re Rising Toward the Top

Visual Marketing isn’t even officially out yet, but we’re already ranked at #159,378 on Amazon, and #82,085 in the Kindle Store! We thank you very much for your support. Our official launch of the book is September 29, but if you want to buy Visual Marketing on Amazon, it’s ready for you now.

Visual Marketing Amazon

And speaking of Kindle, we’re really proud to have our book there. Because our book is so heavy with graphics, it had to be specially formatted to ensure that you can see all of the visuals that make our book what it is.


Visual Marketing Google Books


You can also get a sneak peek of Visual Marketing in digital on Google Books. You can see snippets from the book and the table of contents. Just enough to make you want to read the whole thing!


Visual Marketing is Nearly Here!

We’re thrilled that our new book, Visual Marketing, is being printed and packed as we speak. It will be on bookshelves September 29.

The book is an idea generator. Visual Marketing: 99 Proven Ways for Small Businesses to Market with Images and Design is just what the title says. It Visual Marketingcontains 99 amazing examples of how small businesses (and a smattering of small non-profits) are using visual images to speak to and connect with customers and the public.

It’s what’s known as a “visual thinking” (“VizThink”) book. It helps you solve problems and address business issues, by using images to convey information.

We’ve got case studies and examples to get your creative juices flowing, as well as takeaway tips you can apply to your own marketing. The words are sparing. Images and pictures are key to the teachings of this book.

Pre-Order Visual Marketing Now:

Can’t wait to get your hands on the book? You can pre-order it online at these fine retailers:




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Save the Dates:

  • Join the authors at the Small Business Influencer Awards, where the authors will the book will advance debut. New York City, Sept 13.
  • Join author Anita Campbell at TouchPoint. Salt Lake City, Sept. 15-16.
  • Visual Marketing is released. Sept. 29.
  • Meet the authors at BlogWorld Expo. Los Angeles, Nov. 3-5.
  • Meet the authors at the New York Business Xpo. New York City, Nov. 16.

Interview the Authors:

If you’d like to interview David Langton or Anita Campbell on your publication, radio show or blog, or review the book, please send requests to hello@visualmarketingbook.com.

Visual Marketing Book Cover Unveiled

Seeing is believing

The cover for the new book is ready. Visual Marketing, 99 Ways for Small Businesses to Market with Images and Design by David Langton and Anita Campbell is coming from Wiley Publishers in September. Wiley’s inhouse designer C. Wallace used a cover image by Penfold/iStockphoto to create the cover which is based on an abstract “eye.”

The inside pages, designed by David Langton, will feature a large image from each case study and smaller secondary images. Co-author Anita Campbell has been analyzing each case study to come up with just the right “take-away” tip that encapsulates the main marketing angle for each project.

Visual marketing is coming in the fall of 2011. You can pre-order the book online at either Amazon or Barnes & Noble or Borders.