Book Review and Interview Roundup

There’s nothing we love more than our readers! And we’re eternally grateful to those readers who have written reviews of Visual Marketing, as well as those who have interviewed David and me. Here’s a roundup of the latest interviews and reviews.

We were reviewed on Business How To Blog, who commended not only our quality photographs, but also our how-to tips and case studies. The reviewer gave a great breakdown of what we cover in the book, and he shared with us his favorite case study: GGRP’s record player mailer.

From the blog review: “No matter whether you work online, like me or run an offline business, you will find plenty of great inspiration in the book.”


Over on The Word Chef, Tea Silvestre interviewed the two of us about the process of writing the book, our favorite highlights from the case studies and the stories behind the book. Tea came away with ideas for her own business:

“As a marketer, I’m constantly on the lookout for inspiration and campaigns that I haven’t seen before. My swipe file is pretty fat already, but this book did provide me with more than a handful of new concepts to consider.”

Brandon on My Own Private Idaho also had great things to say about the book. In fact, after reading about David de Souza’s use of wordclouds for marketing, Brandon created his own! We appreciate that Brandon knows that a lot of business books out there say the same thing over and over, and that he thought our book was worth reading for small business owners:

“Most business professionals are familiar with the Cheezy “Business Building” genre of books, and know if you get 1-2 gems out of a book, you’re doing OK.  I challenge you to read Visual Marketing and come away with no less than 20.”


We’re also grateful to Fiona McEachran, who shared our book with her readers on her blog. While the artsy design of the actual book threw her off (we’re not like other business books in that regard!) she quickly realized that Visual Marketing was written for marketers and business owners.


“When I read some books, I am also asking myself “I wonder who this book is really for?”  Sometimes I am at a loss, and sometimes it is truly clear. With this book, I felt the clarity.

This book is for marketing professionals or business owners who want inspiration for their own creative marketing campaigns.

If your campaigns are not generating a great number of leads or you are after ideas for new and different campaigns, you will find this book very helpful.”

Thanks to all our reviewers and interviewers! You’re the reason we’ve been successful with Visual Marketing!