Creative People to Watch This Year

Drew Davies from Oxide Design was named one of the “People to Watch in 2012” by Graphic Design USA. Drew and his firm are featured in Visual Marketing in the chapter entitled, “The Omaha Cow and Snowboarding: Using an Iconic Symbol Updated with Current Culture to Create an Au Courant Logo.” Co-Author David Langton and his business partner, Norman Cherubino were named to the “People to Watch” list in 2009.

The 49th annual People to Watch list has identified many designers who have since become luminaries. Drew shared his one of his greatest assets as a designer with GDUSA publisher, Gordon Kaye, “I think being obsessive compulsive probably counts as both [strength and weakness]. OCD helps me organize information and brings clarity to my design work.”  Congratulations Drew!


  1. Thanks for the kudos, Anita! Honored to be selected by GD:USA and featured in Visual Marketing!