How to Use Vine to Market Your Business

First there was Pinterest. Then Instagram. Now the latest in visual marketing social tools is Vine. With Vine, which is a mobile app for Android and Apple phones, you can shoot 6-second videos and post them to your social media profiles.

Brands are finding innovative ways to use Vine as part of their marketing mix. Whether you have a visually strong brand, such as one that sells products or one that designs graphics for clients, or if you’re in more of a B2B industry with little in the way of visual inspiration, such as software, you can use Vine to build new and interesting connections with customers and fans.

1. Give a Behind-the-Scenes Tour. Six seconds isn’t a lot, but you can use that time to show highlights from around your office. Humanize your brand by introducing the people who work at your company. Make it fun. Here’s an example of a Hubspot Vine showing off new office space.

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Check Out Our Book’s Video!

The book doesn’t do justice to the amazing design work we sifted through to select our 99 contributors. In our new video for the book, you can see more of the projects that we highlighted in the book.

We’d love your feedback on the video! What examples caught your eye? We’re happy to tell you more about them in upcoming blog interviews with our contributors!

In the meantime, let’s get some discussion going. How do you use visual imaging in your  marketing? That includes everything from your logo and business card to ads you place online, videos you produce, even product packaging. What are you most proud of when it comes to your visual marketing? Or what do you want to know more about?

One thing we found out in the recent #SmallBizChat with our authors is that a lot of small business owners assume good visual design is out of their budget. That’s simply not true, based on what we saw with the designers who put together the projects featured in our book. Quality design is affordable, and it’s something your business can’t afford to miss out on.